Visitor Design Patterns Python Feature
Visitor Design Pattern with Python

Visitor Design Pattern is used where we need to add an additional functionality to an entire class hierarchy, without making any changes to the hierarchy. Or, the Visitor pattern is used

Momento Design Patterns Python Feature
Memento Design Pattern with Python

The memento pattern is a Behavioural Design Pattern that provides the ability to restore an object to its previous state. Consider a bank account, here anybody can deposit or withdraw the money in an

State Design Patterns Python Feature
State Design Pattern With Python

State Design Pattern is prefered to use in the situation where the functionality of an interface depends upon its current state. Consider a mobile phone if a mobile phone is

Keywords in Python

Keywords are the reserved words in Python. We cannot use a keyword as a variable name, function name, or any other identifier. The following identifiers are used as reserved words,

Advanced DataFrames

We will take a closer look at the advanced indexing using binary operators and multiple boolean conditions, exploring some computer science concepts which include bitwise operators and how modern computers

Interview Question Streamlit Feature
Streamlit Interview Questions

How do you create date time field in streamlit? How to disable text bar in streamlit? How to set default value in textbar? How do you convert an image to

Observer Design Patterns Python Feature
Observer Design Pattern with Python

There will be cases where the interface needs to be informed about whether a certain event or operation occurred on a certain object or not, in an application. Interfaces wish

Template Design Patterns Python Feature
Template Design Pattern with Python

The template method design pattern allows us to define a base class that serves as the “Skeleton” of how a certain algorithm could be performed, with concrete implementation defined in

Strategy Design Patterns Python Feature
Strategy Design Pattern with Python

Strategy Design Pattern is prefered to use within the applications where the underlying algorithms need to be selected at runtime. Strategy Pattern suggests introducing an interface, which can enable the

Operators in Python

Python operators are the special symbols that carry out arithmetic or logical operations between two or more operands. These operands can be values or variables. There are various types of

Mediator Design Patterns Python Feature
Mediator Design Pattern with Python

Typically a Mediator is something that facilitates common ground for two communicating bodies. The same is with Mediator Pattern that suggests introducing a common interface in applications. Consider the applications

Iterator Design Patterns Python Feature
Iterator Design Pattern with Python

Iterator is a behavioral design pattern that allows sequential traversal through a complex data structure without exposing its internal details. As we know iteration simply means to traverse any data structure

Interpreter Design Patterns Python Feature
Interpreter Design Pattern with Python

The interpreter pattern is a design pattern that specifies how to evaluate sentences or given expressions in a language. Interpreter Design pattern comes under Behavioural Pattern. The main motive behind the Interpreter design pattern

Backtracking in Python

A backtracking algorithm is a problem-solving algorithm that uses a brute force approach for finding the desired output. The Brute force approach tries out all the possible solutions and chooses the desired/best

Bridge Design Patterns Python Feature
Bridge Design Pattern with Python

The Bridge design pattern suggests connecting various components present in an application through abstraction. The main motivation behind Bridge pattern is, Bridge Design Pattern prevents a “Cartesian Product” complexity explosion.

Chain Of Responsibility Design Patterns Python Feature
Chain of Responsibility – Design Pattern with Python

In an application, there will be several interfaces, working together, performing their specified task. Now if any entity(interface) of the application wants series of tasks to be done, performed by

Sentimental Analysis with Spacy

Let’s recall what is Natural Language Processing NLP, which is broadly defined as automatic manipulation of natural languages, like speech and text by software. What is sentimental analysis? Sentimental analysis

Problem Solving in Python

Problem-solving is the process of identifying a problem, creating an algorithm to solve the given problem, and finally implementing the algorithm to develop a computer program

Proxy Design Patterns Python Feature
Proxy Design Pattern with Python

Proxy Pattern provides a placeholder for an object in order to control the access of that object. Proxy Pattern is classified into structural patterns category. In Proxy Pattern, we create an object (proxy)

Flyweight Design Patterns Python Feature
Flyweight Design Pattern with Python

 The flyweight software design pattern suggests creating an object that minimizes memory usage by sharing some of its data with other similar objects.  Flyweight Design Pattern aims to minimize the number of objects required in the program

Dynamic Programming in Python

Dynamic Programming(DP) is an algorithmic technique for solving an optimization problem by breaking it down into simpler subproblems and utilizing the fact that the optimal solution to the overall problem depends upon the optimal solution to the subproblems

File Upload Streamlit Feature
File Upload / Download with Streamlit

You can upload or download a file in a Streamlit workflow. So, suppose you have an ML app that is related to image classification or text analysis, so you might

Cofigure Streamlit Feature
Configuring Streamlit Page

When creating a streamlit app it is desirable to have the right title appear inside the tab name in your browser with a distinct icon. Moreover, there are styles and

Tokenization in spacy

Tokenization is the process of breaking down a text into smaller pieces. The tokenizing can be done at the document level to produce a token of sentences or doing sentence

Facade Design Patterns Python Feature
Facade Design Pattern with Python

Facade Pattern provides a unified and simple interface over a complex set of classes in a system, thus making the system easier to use. Real-life example: Consider a Grocery shop.

Composite Design Patterns Python Feature
Composite Design Pattern with Python

The Composite Design Patterns suggests the creation of an interface, that will let the Client treat a group of objects in a similar way as it is going to treat a single

Decorator Design Patterns Python Feature
Decorator Design Pattern with Python

Consider a scenario where we need to add a functionality to an instance of an interface. Now if we choose to modify the interface itself, we end up violating: Open

Divide and Conquer Algorithm in Python

Divide and Conquer is an algorithm design paradigm that works by recursively breaking down a problem into subproblems of similar type until they become simple enough to solve directly.

Text Input Streamlit Feature
Working with text input in Streamlit

When creating a data app it’s desirable the app is dynamic in nature and the results are shown as per the user demands. For this, we need to take input

Variables and Data types in Python

Table of Contents Show / Hide 1. Variables in Python1.0.1. Declaring and using a variable1.0.2. Variables are case-sensitive1.0.3. Assigning multiple values1.0.4. Re-declaring the variable1.0.5. Swapping two variables1.0.6. Type-Casting 1.0.7. Deleting a